Planning a trip away is so much easier if you make it a road trip. It will give flexibility that is harder to achieve with any other way of travelling – if you like a particular place, stay a while longer and you don’t have to worry about making connections for trains or flights.

The ideal car

So, for the perfect road trip – and when the weather is great, of course – why not consider a convertible? Being able to drive along country or coast roads means you get to make the most of the fresh air and views. There are many models of car that have a convertible version and if you haven’t got the funds to buy one then why not hire?

Taking care of yourself on the road

One of the issues with making a road trip like this – and with a convertible car – is that you may need to pay more attention to the condition of your hair and skin. With the roof down you’re sure to feel the effects of the wind and sun more and this could leave your hair and skin dry and in need of a little TLC. For a good skincare range that will protect you from the elements Verso Skincare is a great option with a range of products that will help to nurture and repair dry skin including moisturizers that include sun protection and will help you fight off the signs of aging.

For hair, a moisturizing mask will be ideal for preventing damage from the sun and wind. Use once a week for the best results and you’ll find that you’ll avoid issues like split ends.

Now all you have to do is decide on the route that you’ll take. Why not explore a stretch of the coastline and spend some time in one of the many fishing villages along the way?