You have received your breast upgrade and finally got the look you wanted, Congrats! But how long should you wait before getting behind the wheel again? When you do, what are the safety tips to observe? This article answers these questions and more related to driving after receiving your implants.

Go for Quality Implants

This is simple logic, really. Many people who have undergone the process recommend Motiva ergonomic implants on any day. Numerous testimonials exist to support both the process and the aftermath of the surgery. These implants focus on the ergonomic aspect (efficiency and comfort) by using a design meant to feel and look perfectly natural. During the surgery process, the natural figure of your body is key to ensuring you get a custom fit. A Progressive Gel Ultima formula adapts the implants to your natural movements. This means that things like sudden speed bump hits do not compromise the safety of your implants.

What to do While Driving

While you can drive immediately after a Motiva implant, it is recommended that you give it three to five days of rest. This allows you to heal and get through your recovery medicine. Once you start driving, avoid an underwire bra, which may irritate the incision on the lower side of your implants. A sports bra is recommended for the first two weeks behind the wheel.

Try to sit upright while you drive and set your car seat in a way that supports your back fully. This eases the pressure on your breasts and helps you to stay relaxed as you drive. As always, remember to belt up to ensure you always remain in a relatively sturdy position.

Happy driving with your new confidence-inspiring breasts!