During the sixties and seventies decades, the British car industry produced some iconic sports cars that became famous worldwide. This was in the days before the Japanese manufacturers entered the market and flooded it with their own high-performance cars. Some British vehicles known to be famous globally were the Lotus Elan, MGB GT in both soft top and hard top versions, the Jaguar E-Type, often called the most stylish car ever, and the Triumph Spitfire. All of these were considered to be sports cars and were popular in Great Britain and the US. Nowadays, they are considered to be classic cars that demand high prices. However, they can be an exciting and fun way of getting out and about. Classic cars continue to remain in demand, and they are the perfect adornment for health and keep-fit enthusiasts. Perfect as a way to get noticed on your way to the gym or traveling out in the countryside for a hike or jog. If you want to turn heads, then you should consider sportswear designed by Aim’n.

Why Consider Aim’n?

This Australian-based online company specializes in all forms of activewear such as teeshirts, comfortable stylish leggings, sports bras, shorts, and hoodies. Aim’n features clothing designed by women, mostly for women, although they have a small selection of menswear and children’s products. Many sportswomen like to look good when exercising or working out. A classic stylish sports car is the finishing touch to that elegant look. What could be better than traveling in a Lotus Elan with the top down on a sunny day?

Aim’n stocks a wide range of self-designed tights and leggings made from a mixture of polyester and elastane, which is a breathable material. This avoids working out with sweat stains showing on your sports-clothing, yet the fabric is practical and durable. Their range is available in solo colors or patterned designs and offers the ultimate flexibility to enable you to enjoy your activities in comfort. The tights and leggings are available in high or normal waisted types and can be long, short, or ribbed. As well as being suitable for high-density training such as running they also are perfect for activities like yoga.


There is no doubt that the sixties and seventies were a heyday for the British car industry. With so many cars such as the MGB GT still sought after today, they have earned their classic sports car status. A perfect accessory for any aspiring fitness fanatic, you can rest assured that you will not only look good when pursuing your hobbies but also when driving down the street. An MGB GT combined with activewear from Aim’n is undoubtedly a potent combination.