Everyone wants their ride to look cool, but then, the costs for pimping it are not so friendly. But pimping your car doesn’t have to be a one-time affair at the garage shop. You can start by doing one thing and continue as time goes by. Below are five ways to make your car look cooler.

Wax It

Many car owners don’t see the value of waxing, but the truth is, it makes a difference. In addition to protecting the paint from fading, waxing brings out the best in your car’s paint. It revives it and gives it a fresh shine, and besides, it clears the small swirl marks and scratches. The wax layer also protects the paint and slows down fading. The good thing is that waxing is a simple DIY activity and wax kits are readily available.

Have It Wrapped

You will agree with me that the cost of painting your car can be quite high if you want top quality. A cheaper alternative is wrapping the car, a trend that is increasingly becoming popular. Vinyl wraps are the most common in car wrapping, and the advantage is that you can have your car customised to your liking. There are wraps for the entire vehicle or custom-tailored for specific parts.

Tint the Windows

Tinting your windows is another cheap way to spice up the look of your car, as long as you do it in line with the window tinting rules and regulations. In the market, you will find removable precut window tint film sellers so you can apply it yourself. Besides aesthetics, tint also comes in handy when you want privacy. Above all, it protects you, as well as the car interior, from the harmful UV rays.

Restore the Wheels

Your rims might look chipped, corroded, and peeled but getting a set of new ones can also be costly. How about restoring them? Some shops restore rims by sanding and finishing them in fresh paint restoring the brilliance they had while new. And it doesn’t cost a lot to have them revamped and takes just a few days or even hours.


There are dozens of accessories to make your car more comfortable, safe and convenient. Reversing cameras and sensors will come in handy when parking, while a dash camera records everything for future reference. Other great accessories include seat covers, mats, a smartphone mount, air freshener, and a car jump starter to mention a few.

Indeed, spicing up your car doesn’t have to be an expensive or a one-time affair. Whether you are worried about the fading paint, or the tattered upholstery, there’s always a cheaper way around it.